The high risk method strategy in sicbo for high rollers

The high-risk method strategy in sicbo for high rollers

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Sic bo is a Chinese game. Also called as a game of chance. It is an unequal game played with three dice. Free bet sicbo literally means as precious dice. The high-risk method strategy in sicbo for high rollers It is a casino game popular in Asia and commonly played at the casinos of Macau.

Players in this game wager at certain areas of the table. There is a small chest which is then picked up by the dealer and shaken. The combination is revealed as soon the chest is opened by the dealer. Sic bo is almost similar to craps, however, this the total game of luck while the craps could be won with a little mathematics calculations.

If you are a novice gambler and looking forward to boosting up your knowledge about the games at the online casino Malaysia, this article would help you to gather all the basic important information about sic bo online game.

The high-risk method strategy in sicbo for high rollers

Betting types in Sic bo

The high risk method strategy in sicbo for high rollers
The high risk method strategy in sicbo for high rollers

There are a number of betting types in Sic bo. Which are small, big, even, odd, specific triples, specific doubles, any triple, three dice total, single dice bet, dice combinations, three single number combination,four number combination, specific double and single number combination?

Gaming strategies in Sic bo

Like any other game Sic bo also have some gaming strategies. In the following context, we are going to define those strategies to make you understand better.


As you start to play the game you would be definitely more interested in taking larger risks in order to get higher payouts. This seems a little difficult without getting bankrupt or wasting all of your gambling money. However there is a solution to this, it is medium risk betting.

If two out of the three rolled dice shows 1s, the grand total could be between 3 and 8 of all the three dice. The chances of winning could be increased by betting that the total would be greater than 8 while the double 1. To make this sic bo strategy work, the sic bo table would have to pay out 7 to 1.


The sic bo strategy which allows multiple numbers of bets to be won would be high rollers cup of tea. In this strategy in Malaysia online casino, you will have to play two bets which could both be correct after the dice has been rolled.

In the middle of the board on one of the numbers such as 8, 9, 12 or 13, some of your betting units should be placed. Along with that, some other units should be placed at any double dice boxes which relate to your previous bet. Following is the example.

  • If the bet is on 8, it should also be at double 1, double 2 and double 3.
  • If the bet is on 9, it should also be at double 2, double 3 and double 4.
  • If the bet is on 12, it should also be at double 3, double 4 and double 5.
  • If the bet is at 13, it should also be at double 4, double 5 and double 6.

To make it clearer for you, let’s say that three units bet is on 8 and 2 units on double 1, 2 and 3 each. After getting rolled, the dice could show 2-2-4, 1-1-6 and 3-3-2. Resulting two of your bets to be correct simultaneously. This strategy could be really profitable as well. If all four of the bets get successful, a handful amount of money would be coming your way.

Sic bo is a game of luck. However, it could be played with less losing chances if played with a little extra effort and beforehand research.

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