Review of Monster Tunnel Slots Game World

Review of Monster Tunnel Slots Game World

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Review of Monster Tunnel Slots Game World – Do you want to play simple but fun slot games? If yes, you can try to spin the slots machine on Monster Tunnel. Don’t ever think about the scary monsters, in this slot game you will find the cutest monster symbols like in your favorite cartoon. Check out on the review below.

Review of Monster Tunnel Slots Game World

Featuring several cute animated monster symbols on the spinning slot machine, Monster Tunnel offers you a simple yet fun online slots game. You can find different colors and moving monster symbols in the game. You will play with 5 reels and 20 lines to set different pay lines winning combination. You can even have a chance to get more free spins. It doesn’t simply good display, but it offers more than enough money to earn in its simple feature. Now, it’s time to set your best bet!

Review of Monster Tunnel Slots Game World
Review of Monster Tunnel Slots Game World

Game Rules

In the Paytable page, you can find some helps to understand about the payout including 5 reels with 20 lines. There are several slots monster symbols to determine each draw including:

– purple female monster symbol: 3 = 30, 4 = 150, 5 = 1,000

– sticked tongue out blue monster symbol: 3 = 25, 4 = 100, 5 = 750

– three-eyed and horned yellow monster symbol: 3 = 20, 4 = 75, 5 = 500

– single-eyed purple monster symbol: 3 = 10, 4 = 50, 5 = 350

– single-eyed and horned green monster symbol: 3 = 5, 4 = 35, 5 = 200

– big-lips green monster symbol: 3 = 5, 4 = 20, 5 = 75

– small blue monster with antenna symbol: 3 = 5, 4 = 15, 5 = 50

– Wild symbol: substitutes for all symbols except scatter symbol

– Scatter symbol: 2 = 2, 3 = 5, 4 = 20, 5 = 100. If you able to get 3 or more scatter symbols, it will trigger the Free Spins feature.

Other features including:

– Free Spin Features can be gained from: 3 Scatters = 5 free spins; 4 scatters = 10 free spins; and 5 scatters = 15 free spins. Through Free Spin feature, you can also re-trigger other additional free spins.

How to Play

  1. You need to login with your registered account and you have sufficient balance to set your bet.
  2. First, you need to set your bet numbers, bet lines, and denomination. You can choose the numbers for your bet through bet box on the bottom right corner. To set bet lines, select the number through line box on the bottom left corner. Meanwhile, the denomination is above the total bet box. The bet, line, and denomination will influence the total bet you want to put in.
  3. Next, you can start to spin the slot machine by clicking on the monster eyed button in the bottom middle of the screen. You can also choose max bet button to set the bet on the maximum number. Or click on auto play button to let the machine set the bet and spin the slots automatically.
  4. Once the slot machine stop spinning, you can see how much paylines you get. Check on win box to see how much you gain and coin box to check on your balance. Even you will be scored whether doing good or not with the word display above the monster eyed spinning button.
  5. Last is only waiting for your biggest fortune.

If you want to play slot game with more pay lines on bet, you can choose Monster Tunnel. With more lines to bet, you will have higher chance of getting more prizes. The cute monster animated theme make the game is very catching and interesting to play.

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