Trusted live casino gambling website in Malaysia Trusted live casino gambling website in Malaysia

QQ288 unblocker to access is the best and the most reliable website of a live casino in Malaysia. Our online casino will offer you games which are Baccarat, Blackjack, Sic Bo etc. This casino is free from all flaws. They also facilitate the gamblers in each and every way. Trusted live casino gambling website in Malaysia offers you online gambling and free bonuses too.

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Benefits of online casino games offered by us:

Run a test drive

The best thing about our casino is that you can run a test drive of a game you wanted to play. You never need to deposit money as you can have a test drive.

Games history gets recorded

If you start playing the game from any resource the game history will be get recorded. This feature may facilitate you in saving your data when you are playing. Trusted live casino gambling website in Malaysia Trusted live casino gambling website in Malaysia Trusted live casino gambling website in Malaysia

Easy access to all online games

With our casino website, you can access all your favorite games at any time at any place. It not only saves your time which you spend while travelling to any casino.

Focus on game and minimize your distraction

When you indulge in gambling online game there is only you and your gadget so, your attention can’t distract and you can focus on your game.

Speed and convenience

You can get more comfort and convenience in playing the

online games. Speed is also the other advantage in online casino games.

Free slot to play

By doing registration in you will get a free chance of online gambling. You get a free slot game without any deposit.

Deposit Bonus

Our casino website will provide you the bonus deposit. So, you will get more and more fun and entertainment b playing online casino games.


It is basically like the conventional baccarat but the unique thing is that Gambler cards or hand always starts with the seven as the first card. Seven as the first hand will change the probability and game playing style too.

Rules of 7up baccarat

Following are the basic rules of the 7 up baccarat


The first and the game starting card in the hand of the gambler is a 7.


The winner of the game will be the one who achieves the highest total of baccarat.


Gambler needs to follow the usual and basic rules of the conventional baccarat.


Gambler is able to use only 6 decks. All the decks are shuffled.


In this game two persons are there, one is the gambler and the other one is the banker. Banker is in position to use two cards while Gambler only uses one card.


If the banker wins the bet, then the win of the gambler result in a loss.


If the gambler wins the bet, then the bet of the banker result in a loss.


The strategy is mainly formed for every game so; the player can easily perform the game. In Malaysia casino, the 7 up baccarat the player does not only have to decide where and on which hand he has to bet on. The result of every game is basically out of your control. But right decision and great consideration over the game may increase the chances of your luck. In baccarat, the player only has to bet on the cards and think that they will run in the same pattern as he is thinking. But in 7 up baccarat, continuous shuffling of the cards will change the game and change the probability of the odds. It has been seen that the banker is the one who wins the 7 up baccarat.

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