Jack the Pirate: Game Slots Review

Jack the Pirate: Game Slots Review

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Jack the Pirate: Game Slots Review – Are you a fan of bet slots games? Here, we give you a recommended slot game with simple gameplay even beginners will at ease from the start. It’s Jack the Pirates, an online slot machine game with full pirate world theme.

Jack the Pirate: Game Slots Review

Jack the Pirates is online slot betting machine game with payout lines from 5 reels 9 lines. With the theme of pirate world, you have fun spinning the slot machine with different typical pirate icons including pirate ships, binoculars, pirate flags, steering wheel, parrots, and of course treasure box. Simply set up your bet and lines, spin the slots, and look at your winning combination.

Jack the Pirate: Game Slots Review
Jack the Pirate: Game Slots Review

Pay Table Rules

In the left corner of the slot, you can find Paytable button menu. Click on it and you will be brought to the paytable page. In the slot machine, you will play with 9 different types of slot icons including pirate ship, parrot, binocular, ship steering wheel, flag with A symbol, flag with K symbol, flag with O and I symbol, flag with 10 and 9 symbols, and last is treasure box. Each icon has different payout score on each kind. Here is the list:

– pirate ship: 1 = 2, 2 = 10, 3 = 100, 4 = 500, 5 = 5000

– parrot: 2 = 5, 3 = 50, 4 = 250, 5 = 2500

– binocular: 2 = 3, 3 = 20, 4 = 100, 5 = 1000

– ship steering wheel: 2 = 3, 3 = 20, 4 = 100, 5 = 1000

– flag with A symbol: 3 = 10, 4 = 30, 5 = 500

– flag with K symbol: 3 = 5, 4 = 25, 5 = 300

– flag with O and I symbol: 3 = 5, 4 = 20, 5 = 200

– flag with 10 and 9 symbols: 3 = 5, 4 = 15, 5 = 100

– treasure box: 2 x 5, 3 x 5, 4 x 10, 5 x 100

All of these wins will be multiplied by your total bet. You will have payout lines from 5 reels with 9 lines. Also, there is Wild feature when you are substituting, all the symbols value will be double.

How to Play

  1. Ensure to login and have sufficient balance to be able to start the game.
  2. Starting out with setting your bet, lines, and denomination in the bottom part of the slot. You will have only one number of bet. Meanwhile, you can set your line for minimum number of 1 until the maximum number of 9. Then, you have to set your denomination from 0.05 to 45.00 (0.05 on each rise). These numbers of bet, lines and denomination will influence the number of your total bet. Or you can simply click the bet max button to spin the slots on maximum bets numbers.
  3. You can check on Paytable menu to learn more about the payout lines.
  4. After finished set up the bet and lines, you can click on the spin button to spin the slot machine. Or you can choose to click on auto play on the second row of right bottom to let the computer to play the game automatically for you.
  5. Last, wish for your best luck! Check on your balance to find out how much money you have earned from each spin.

Jack the Pirates offers you an interesting, exciting, and quite easy slot gambling games game for both advanced or novice players. The only drawback may only that the game has only 9 pay lines which may feel less for those who looking for a bigger winning combination. But, for those who want to try betting on small balance, Jack the Pirates is worth to try.

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