Honey Hunter Online Slot Machine Games Review

Honey Hunter Online Slot Machine Games Review

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Honey Hunter Online Slot Machine Games Review – Casino games aren’t always poker or lottery, but also there is a wide variety of slot betting games that also a good spot to earn some money. There a wide variety of slot games out there, but there is one simple yet interesting slot game, it is Honey Hunter. With cute honey bear themes, you will fun on spinning the slots machine on this online game.

Honey Hunter Online Slot Machine Games Review

Honey Hunter is an online slots game with honey bear cartoon themes including the honey bear, the bee, the honey, bee nest, banana, watermelon, girl, squirrel, and basket. In this trusted slot game, you can set your bet line up to 8 lines with higher denomination up to 75.00 to set higher total bet numbers.

Honey Hunter Online Slot Machine Games Review
Honey Hunter Online Slot Machine Games Review

Game Rules

In the “paytable” menu, you can learn about the payout lines you can gain from each symbol in the slot machine. You can find 9 slot symbols including banana, watermelon, honey, basket, bee, squirrel, girl, bee nest, and bear. Each symbol has different score, like in the following list:

– 3 x banana = 10

– 3 x watermelon = 20

– 3 x honey = 30

– 3 x basket = 40

– 3 x bee = 80

– 3 x squirrel = 100

– 3 x girl = 200

– 1 x bee nest = 2; 2 x bee nest = 10; and 3 x bee nest = 200

– 3 x bear = 1,000

Your winning combination will be earned from the pay lines above then multiply with your total bet.

How to Play

  1. Make sure you have a login with your registered account and have sufficient balance before starting the game. If you don’t have enough balance, you can’t set a total bet beyond your current balance.
  2. First, you can learn about the payout lines by clicking on paytable menu to understand about how much payout you will gain from each line. Payout details have been mentioned on game rules above.
  3. Set your bet by clicking on the labeled number on the edge of slots’ icons from minimum 1 to maximum 8. For example, when you click on number 1, it means your bet is only for 1 line. It applies the same for other bet numbers. The bet lines will be counted horizontally, vertically, and diagonally. The number of your chosen lines will be showed on the “line bet” box on the right bottom side of under total bet box.
  4. Next, set the denomination from 0.05 to 75.00. This number will be multiplied by your number of bet lines to set your total bet. For example, if you set 3 for your bet lines then choose 0.25 for the denomination, so your total bet will be 3 x 0.25 = 0.75.
  5. Or, you can click on the bet one button to pick an additional one bet line to your line bet. And max bet to spin your slot machine on maximum bet numbers.
  6. Now you can start to play your real game by clicking on the spin button. Or you can simply hold the spin button longer to do auto spin which letting the machine spin the slot automatically.
  7. Wait and see how much machine jackpot you can gain from the game. You can check the status of winning combination in the win box.

Although Honey Hunter only offers you a minimum number of bet lines, but you still find it very interesting and fun slot game. The game and payout rules are very simple to understand even for novice slots machine gamers. With minimum balance, you can come back home with more money slabs. Give it a try!

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