Enjoy Online Badminton Odds Wagering with livescore statistics

Enjoy Online Badminton Odds Wagering with livescore statistics

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Enjoy Online Badminton Odds Wagering with livescore statistics – Badminton is an exciting game which is always similar Tennis sport game. This game involves players hitting the shuttlecock using their racket which are from one of the opponent player with a goal of maintaining the shuttlecock in the air and not allowing the shuttlecock to hit the ground when it goes to the side of the player of the net.

One swing is only used to hit the shuttlecock over the net to the side of the opponents. The goal of this game is the player to score 21 points before his or her opponent. Each of the rallies is being counted as one point. The game is being offered at some of the online casino site for the purpose of betting. For more details click here to access one of the exciting casino site and start betting on this game.

Enjoy Online Badminton Odds Wagering with livescore statistics

Most of the types of the bets which are normally placed on the badminton games are usually straight up bets, where the gambler is required to bet on the player that will win the game. Odds used in this game are usually expressed in decimal form and there is always a display of players with the respective sports betting odds of each to win any particular badminton game. One of the players in the game for example may have odds of 2.50 and the other player has odds of 2.90, in this example the first player is favored to win the game while the second player is taken to be an underdog to win that game.

Placing $100 on the first player one will have to win a total of $350 with an additional of $250 and if the player placed his or her bet on the second and the player win he or she will have pocket a total $390 with an additional of $290. This is the most common set up of how payouts are done at most of sports betting online on badminton betting.

Enjoy Online Badminton Odds Wagering with livescore statistics
Enjoy Online Badminton Odds Wagering with livescore statistics

Major Badminton Events that one can bet on

Each year, badminton calendar holds five major events which include a number of tournaments and special events.
1. Olympic badminton; this event is usually played during the summer Olympics. The structure is a set up of single elimination tournament in which either a player or a team must have to win the best of 3 matches in order to proceed to the next level of the tournament.
2. BWF world championships; this is a badminton tournament which is organized and run by the BWF. The creation of this tournament was done in 1977 with an objective of crowing the best badminton players.
3. Thomas and Uber cup; this series consists of a 12 team line-up that is supposed to compete with other teams. Teams to qualify for this type of tournament they are required go through a series of events of round-robin, semi-final until the final match is reached.
4. Sudirman; this is one of the biggest tournament in Indonesia. The tournament is always played after every 2 years. The tournament consists of men’s and women’s teams and also it comprises of doubles and mixed doubles games. This tournament is being played in a number of countries such as china and south Korea which are the most popular to this kind of tournament
5. BWF Super Series; this is also one of the major tournaments of badminton. The tournament comprises of singles and doubles which are being played in 12 nations. 32 players in total are supposed to compete in this competition for a prize which is always $200,000 with ranking point the BWF.

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